A photographer should be so much more than a body to take your picture, and certainly I strive to be much more than this. I take the time to get to know my clients so that our session is fun and famililar which not only ensure everyone has a great time, but also promises a great outcome! So yeah, we are going to chat about a whole lot of stuff that has nothing to do with our session! I'll offer advice that wasn't asked for, and end up talking to you about my natural lifestyle, because I'm THAT girl...hope we can be friends!


I've been a photographer for 3 years now and love it more each day! I have an amazing camera and incredible lenses (and the insurance that goes with them, haa!), but more importantly, I know how to use them ♡

I love natural posing, however will often lead my clients into the natural poses so we get a great mix in the gallery.

I use photoshop and lightroom to ensure each photo is edited in accordance to my branding and to ensure each photo is in the best it can be!! These are for sure print quality!

I'm a mom, a working mom, and I know that mom's want quality product and experiences, without getting into credit card debt. My packages are built to cover my costs (insurance, taxes, lawyer/tax advisor, editing software, equipment, etc), but I always try to keep my prices accessible to my clients.

That said, I understand that not every inquiry is "my client", pricing, style, editing preferences, not liking brunettes, whatever the reason, I'm not everyone's jam, and that's ok!

I only book 6 sessions a month so I take the time to get to know my clients before booking even! I pretty much love to work with people I click with...!